About Seibu Group

We pursue the maximum synergy.

Oriented toward support of action by customers while delivering gratification, the business of the Seibu Group spans the fields of Urban Transportation and Regional, and Hotel and Leisure, as well as Real Estate, Construction, Hawaii Business, and Other Businesses, which are closely intertwined with the first two. Based on its Group Vision, the Group, as a service provider in an all-around lifestyle industry, is pursuing each business with a view to inducing the maximum synergy among group companies.

  • Urban Transportation
    and Regional

    Business in this field has a pronounced public-service dimension and supports the daily lives of customers.

    We strive to provide pleasant and comfortable services through activities grounded in safety and security as our duty to society.

    Core Companies

    Seibu Railway Co.,Ltd., Seibu Bus Co., Ltd.,
    Seibu Recreation Co., Ltd.,
    Toshimaen Co., Ltd., etc.

  • Hotel and Leisure

    We operate hotel and leisure in order to deliver more gratification to our customers.

    Core Companies

    Prince Hotels, Inc.,
    Yokohama Hakkeijima Inc.,
    Seibu Travel, Inc., etc.

  • Real Estate

    We offer value added properties and services that match the various needs of the customer lifestyle.

    Core Companies

    Seibu Properties Inc., etc.

  • Construction

    We make full application of our sophisticated technical expertise to create public and private spaces that are safe and pleasant.

    Core Companies

    Seibu Construction Co., Ltd.,
    Seibu Landscape Co., Ltd.,
    Seibu Construction Supply Co Ltd., etc.

  • Hawaii Business

    We provide Japanese-style hospitality in three hotels and three golf courses in Hawaii.

    Core Companies

    Prince Resorts Hawaii, Inc.,
    Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki LLC.
    Mauna Kea Resort LLC. etc.

  • Other Businesses

    We operate other businesses closely rooted in the local community.

    Core Companies

    Izuhakone Railway Co., Ltd.,
    Ohmi Railway Co., Ltd.,
    Seibu Lions, Inc., etc.