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One of the finest landscapes in the Tohoku region, Lake Towada is surrounded, depending on the season, by a panorama of fresh greenery or of autumn color. Starting at Lake Towada is the approximately 14-kilometer-long gorge of the Oirase Mountain Stream (Oirase Keiryu), officially designated as a scenic beauty spot and natural monument. Flowing among rocks and trees, forming waterfalls and clear pools, the stream offers an easy hiking course that attracts many visitors to admire the forest scenery in the spring and autumn. Near the mouth of the gorge is the hot spring resort of Tsuta, renowned throughout the Tohoku region. Hirosaki Castle, with the park surrounding it, is one of the best places in the Tohoku region to see cherry blossoms, offering a superb spectacle both in daylight and at night, when the trees are lit up. The castle and park also offer views of Mount Iwaki, known for its beautiful shape as the Fuji of the Tsugaru region, which forms a stunning backdrop during cherry blossom season.

Recommended Experiences

  • Kankodai (observatory) overlooking Lake Towada

    About 20 minutes' drive from the Towada Prince Hotel

  • Oirase Keiryu

    About 30 minutes' drive from the Towada Prince Hotel

  • Hirosaki Park

    About 60 minutes' drive from the Towada Prince Hotel



Shizukuishi is a ski area with unbeatable snow conditions that has played host to the Alpine World Ski Championships. Soaking in a hot spring is an enjoyable part of the after-ski experience. Stretching along the southern skirts of Mount Iwate, the extensive grounds of the Koiwai Farm enterprise and its nine buildings—which are registered by the Japanese government as a Tangible Cultural Property—are worth a visit for their insight into Japan's dairy history. Within the farm grounds, the Makiba-en (a beautiful pastoral area) offers a wide variety of facilities where visitors can get closer to nature and animals as well as restaurants and shops where they can buy and sample dairy products. About 100 minutes' drive further south lies the Hiraizumi World Heritage site, location of national cultural treasures such as the Chuson-ji Temple Konjikido (Golden Hall) temple complex. Built according to the precepts of Pure Land Buddhism, the ideal world created by its structures and spaces has no parallel elsewhere.

Recommended Experiences

  • Shizukuishi Ski Resort

    For details, please visit the website:

  • Koiwai Farm

    About 15 minutes' drive from the Shizukuishi Prince Hotel

  • Bonfire festival at Chuson-ji Temple

    About 100 minutes' drive from the Shizukuishi Prince Hotel




This new aquarium opened on July 1, 2015 in Sendai, the City of Trees. By proposing a new connection with the sea and with water and bearing witness to the regeneration of nature, including the water environment, it illustrates the strong and forward-looking approach of the Tohoku region. Through this approach, the aquarium aspires to be a symbol of the region's recovery, inspiring its visitors with hope and energy.

Recommended Experiences


    About 150 minutes' drive from the Shizukuishi Prince Hotel

  • Dolphins' performance

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