Autumn in Japan is the period from September to November. October in particular is known as the best time to sample seasonal foods and appreciate arts and crafts. As well as admiring the beautiful autumn color, this is the best season to try foods from the sea and the forest.

Enjoy Japan's autumn color and seasonal flavors

Enjoy the best of autumn color and seasonal foods at Prince Hotels

From late October into November is the season for autumn color. The turning leaves on the mountainsides present a spectacular tableau, while foods from the sea and the forest are at their abundant best. This is the season to enjoy the flavors of Japan.

Enjoying Japan's World Heritage sites and historic townscapes

Explore World Heritage sites from Prince Hotel facilities throughout Japan

Many of Japan's World Heritage sites—for instance, Mount Fuji or Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima Prefecture—look all the more spectacular against the backdrop of autumn scenery.

Travel back in time to the samurai days with Seibu Railway to Kawagoe!

A 50-minute ride from Shinjuku Station on the Seibu Railway takes you to Kawagoe, known as Little Edo. Here you can soak up the historic atmosphere of townscapes that date back through the Edo Period to the 16th century.