Spring in Japan is the period from March to May, a time of year when the weather becomes pleasantly warm.

Every region of Japan offers a wealth of places ideal for admiring the beauty of spring in bloom. The main attraction of the season is of course the cherry blossoms.

Enjoy the Japanese spring

Enjoy cherry blossoms at Prince Hotels throughout Japan

Prince Hotels are convenient for many noted cherry blossom sites.

The peak viewing time is from late March to early April.

See the flowering shibazakura with Seibu Railway

Shibazakura (moss pink) is a flower that blooms from mid-April to early May.

Hitsujiyama Park, accessible by Seibu Railway, has more than 400,000 shibazakura plants that burst into bloom all at once, forming a spectacular carpet in shades of pink and white.

Enjoy Japanese pop culture

From the unique world of animation and computer games to original Japanese fashion, you can experience the excitement of Japan's pop culture together with the joys of spring.

Experience a unique side of Japanese culture.