Summer in Japan is the period from June to August. The weather is particularly hot from late July to mid-August, with temperatures regularly rising above 30 degrees Celsius. Japan has a range of attractions and entertainments to enjoy in summer, as well as seaside and mountain resorts where you can go to cool down.

Japan's summer attractions

Enjoy summer leisure destinations

Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is a theme park that celebrates the sea, islands, and marine life. Here you can encounter creatures from the sea and ride the surf coaster that loops out over the water.

Visit AQUA PARK SHINAGAWA to experience the fascination of marine life presented through a fusion of sound, light and image, as well as a range of other attractions around the theme of the sea.

Enjoy the cool of Japan's highlands

Prince Hotels in the cool of the highlands

Amid the cool of the highlands, visitors will be enchanted by picture-book scenes that combine the unique culture of Japan with the riches of the natural environment.

Escape to the cool of Tokyo's hinterland with Seibu Railway

For a breath of fresh air amid the beauties of nature, why not try boating or rafting in Chichibu?

The Seibu Railway line follows the Arakawa River from Tokyo into Saitama Prefecture, where you can enjoy the delights of the natural environment.