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Washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine) is an excellent form of entertainment!

One of the things you will definitely want to try when you come to Japan is washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine): Sushi, tempura, teppanyaki . . . What these well-known Japanese foods have in common is the joy of watching them being prepared at the counter where you are seated. The skill of the chef as he or she prepares the dish in front of you is an entertainment in itself! Make sure to enjoy not just the taste but also the artful display.

The best way to eat tempura: Straight from the oil pan

Of course, tempura tastes great when it is brought to you arranged attractively on a dish, but it is something special when the chef uses chopsticks to pass fresh-fried morsels straight from the pan to your plate. Either order a set course of tempura or just order the pieces you want one at a time, as they take your fancy. But to savor top-quality tempura at its most delicious, the important thing is to eat it as soon as it is cooked.

Sushi lovingly prepared by a highly trained craftsperson

Kaiten sushi restaurants, where you pick your dishes off a conveyor belt at your table, are attractive for their reasonable prices and no-fuss service. But at least once, you should also try a real sushi counter, where you can savor the soul of Japanese food culture. The expert chefs who make sushi undergo years of training, during which they refine their knowledge and hone their skills. Each restaurant and each chef has a distinct idea of how hard to boil the rice and how thick to slice the topping, and each piece of sushi is lovingly prepared as a result. The result is a show of dexterous skill that no visitor should miss.

Enjoying the waft of meaty aromas: Part of the fun of teppanyaki

Teppanyaki, where the chef wields a spatula and a meat fork in a splendid display of culinary skill, is a form of Japanese cooking that truly embodies the idea of food as entertainment. Enjoying teppanyaki does not involve a complicated ceremony. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the spectacle unfolding before your eyes, as the chef takes simple ingredients, releases their wonderful aromas, and turns them into delicacies.

So admired is Japanese food around the world that it has been declared by UNESCO to be an intangible cultural asset. Make sure to enjoy the true taste of Japan!

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