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Discover the Still Unknown Places of Hakone

Lakeside Walk Leisurely Stroll Around Lake Ashinoko

Hakone’s iconic Lake Ashinoko has many scenic sightseeing spots you don’t want to miss, such as the cruise around the quiet lake and the large torii gate on the water. It is the heart of Hakone. Enjoy a stroll around Lake Ashinoko!

Hakone Komagatake Ropeway Hakone Kuzuryu-no-Mori Hakone Ashinoko (Lake Ashi) Boat Cruise Bakery & Table Hakone Hakone-jinja Shrine NINJABUS WATER SPIDER
Hakone Komagatake Ropeway Hakone Kuzuryu-no-Mori Hakone Ashinoko (Lake Ashi) Boat Cruise Bakery & Table Hakone Hakone-jinja Shrine NINJABUS WATER SPIDER

Hakone Komagatake Ropeway


Connecting Hakone-en and Hakone Komagatake, one of the volcanic mountains of Hakone, the ropeway reaches the 1,356m-high summit from the shore of Lake Ashinoko in approximately 7 minutes. The views of the magnificent landscape and sceneries unique to Hakone along with Mt. Fuji appearing at a close distance can be enjoyed. On the peak stands Hakone Mototsumiya Shrine, known as “sky shrine,” which has been revered as a divine site of mountain gods since ancient times.

  • The peak offers a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji.

  • Scenic view overlooking Lake Ashinoko from the ropeway.

  • Hakone Mototsumiya Shrine nestles quietly on the peak with a unique atmosphere.

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Hakone Kuzuryu-no-Mori


Hakone Kuzuryu-no-Mori on the shore of Lake Ashinoko is a scenic forest with lush green trees dotting the lakeside. Visitors can walk along the trails and enjoy the great nature of Hakone and its native plants fully using the five senses. Kuzuryu-jinja Shrine in the forest is a famous spiritual place, and its torii gate standing on lake has a unique beauty of its own.

  • The torii gate on the lake is one of Hakone’s iconic sights. It can also be seen from boat cruises.

  • Kuzuryu-jinja Shrine, where a torii gate stands on Lake Ashinoko surrounded by deep greenery, is Hakone’s famous spiritual site.

Hakone Ashinoko (Lake Ashi) Boat Cruise


Lake Ashinoko formed by a volcanic eruption 4,000 years ago is Hakone’s iconic landscape. You can enjoy the scenery not only from a distance but also the majestic view of the lake up close on the Ashinoko Boat Cruise. Since the spacious cruise makes 4 stops, it can be ridden for excursions and for getting around Lake Ashinoko. The cruise deck offers a beautiful 360° view of Lake Ashinoko.

  • There are 3 types of boat cruises. All are two storied.

  • A 360° view of the beautiful landscape of Lake Ashinoko can be enjoyed, including the large torii gate and ropeway.

  • In addition to a large deck, the cruise also has spacious seating inside.

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Bakery & Table Hakone


Akakura Kanko Hotel, a luxury hotel in Myoko, Niigata established in 1937, is a well-known resort hotel whose guests have included the Emperor. The hotel produced a bakery and cafe and opened a shop on the lakeshore where the view of Hakone is spectacular. Over 60 varieties of tasty bread are made with Japanese and French wheat and are very popular in the area. With a spacious space on the second floor where customers can eat and a table with a foot bath outside, one can savor various bread and meals while taking in the gorgeous views.

  • Outside the first floor, customers can enjoy Hakone’s hot spring at the foot bath space where a foot bath is fitted underneath the table.

  • The large windows on the 2nd floor offer a spectacular view of Lake Ashinoko. You can enjoy Hakone’s iconic landscape with the shop’s original sweets and drink.

  • Rice-flour curry bread. The bread with a boiled egg inside is the most popular item.

Hakone-jinja Shrine


Walking from the large torii gate on the lakeshore up the trail covered in deep greenery, you will reach the main building of the shrine. Hakone-jinja Shrine's mystical surroundings with mountains and densely grown trees have attracted many visitors over the years. It has been said to have one of the most powerful and mystical energy in the Kanto region, which brings good fortune to worshippers. With its history and solemn atmosphere, the shrine is a must-see spot in Hakone.

  • The solemn shrine building is enveloped in a sincere atmosphere.

  • The large torii gate towering over the lakeshore is an instagrammable spot.



As the bus traveling in the forest reaches the lakeshore, it suddenly becomes a waterbus! Making big splashes as it enters the lake, an amphibious bus offers an exciting amusement ride. Though "Koka" and "Iga" are among the famous Ninja clans, Hakone is known to be the birthplace of Fuma Ninja. The amphibious bus whose design was inspired by Fuma Ninja is a must-try attraction in Hakone.

  • How the bus plunges into the water with a splash is thrilling and exciting. People seated in the front may get wet by the splash.

  • The NINJA BUS inspired by Fuma Ninja has a cool, black frame.

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