A Mini Trip to Tokyo’s Suburb
Discover the Still Unknown Places of Hakone

Mountainside Walk Leisurely Stroll Along Mountain Trails in Sengokuhara and Miyanoshita

In addition to the Lake Ashinoko shore, a visit to Hakone is not complete without a visit to the charming attractions located in the mountains. Immerse yourself in the landscape unique to the mountain town of Hakone. Taking a leisurely walk in the mountains away from the lakeshore offers a spectacular experience of its own.

The Little Prince Museum Hakone Glass no Mori Venetian Glass Museum Hakone Jinenjo-no-Mori Yamagusuri Kawabe Koueido Doll House Museum Hakone NARAYA CAFÉ
The Little Prince Museum Hakone Glass no Mori Venetian Glass Museum Hakone Jinenjo-no-Mori Yamagusuri Kawabe Koueido Doll House Museum Hakone NARAYA CAFÉ

The Little Prince Museum


The Little Prince Museum, built to celebrate the centennial of the birth of the author Saint-Exupéry, is inspired by early 20th century France where the author spent his childhood. The moment visitors walk in, they will be swept into Europe from 100 years ago. The museum has a unique atmosphere throughout its premises and is reminiscent of the settings depicted in the author’s works, including the Little Prince. From late May to early July, around 30 varieties of rose are in full bloom, turning the museum into a popular photo spot. It houses a large collection of materials related to the author’s life and is a valuable resource on the Little Prince.

  • The statue of the Little Prince standing on a star welcomes the visitors into the fantasy world.

  • A variety of roses bloom in the early summer and becomes popular instagrammable spot.

  • A statue of the Little Prince in the garden.

Hakone Glass no Mori Venetian Glass Museum


The world’s only “corridor of light” is made of 160,000 pieces of crystal glass installed by hand. It is illuminated every winter and attracts so many visitors that it has once taken second place in a ranking of “Must-see Christmas Tree in One’s Lifetime.” The entire park is inspired by Venice and has venetian glass decorations throughout its premises. The glassworks that are part of the museum’s collection are all valuable rare pieces.

  • A picturesque garden scenery. Hakone’s famous spot Owakudani can be seen in the background of the corridor of light.

  • Elegant crystal trees line the museum and glimmer in the sunlight.

  • The open and bright museum hallway with a high ceiling with paintings resemble those of an Italian chapel. The museum holds exhibitions irregularly and also sells over 100,000 glassware items.

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Hakone Jinenjo-no-Mori Yamagusuri


It is like a different world inside this small shop deep in the mountains. Build along the cliff, the restaurant offers spectacular view. Yamagusuri serves healthy Japanese meals featuring jinenjo, a type of yam. Jinenjo is characterized by its sliminess and unique flavor, and its intestinal benefits make it excellent for one’s health. Homemade miso that comes with the meal is also popular.

  • Supreme lunch (original menu featuring jinenjo that has been grilled on a small iron skillet). Rice topped with grated jinenjo and homemade side dishes are both healthy and tasty.

  • It has a warm at-home atmosphere with wooden interior.

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Kawabe Koueido


Kawabe Koueido has been making cracker cookies by the same traditional method ever since its establishment in 1879. They are grilled one by one using a specially made round mold that has been utilized over the generations, and only one type of cookie is made. Unlike mass-produced baked goods, hand-grilled cookies are thin and are very crispy in texture. It’s a must-try!

  • Kosen Senbei: Each cracker is grilled carefully, giving them a completely different taste of its own. Enjoy the crispy texture and a soft sweet scent.

  • A shop with a history of more than 100 years in a corner of Miyanoshita.

  • Makes one and only hand-grilled cookies

Doll House Museum Hakone


Exquisite 1:12 scale dollhouses. Dollhouses have long had many fans in Europe. This greenhouse-turned museum exhibits miniature art crafts that have been collected by the museum director over many years, ranging from 18th century antique works to contemporary works. The true-to-life dollhouses are breathtaking.

  • Ultra-large dollhouse. A rare dollhouse offering a 360° view; all rooms have been meticulously crafted to be true-to-life.

  • Beautiful lobby with a cafe.

  • This greenhouse-turned museum is filled with unique, distinctive designs.

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Naraya Cafe


A unique cafe nestled on a hill near Miyanoshita Station. Unable to bring himself to close down Naraya, a ryokan with a long history, its owner decided to renovate a former employee dormitory made of wood into a cafe, foot bath, shop, and gallery space. At the creative shop, one will see patterns of a gourd used by Toyotomi Hideyoshi as an emblem.

  • The window-side counter overlooks the green mountains of Hakone.

  • A ryokan-turned cafe perfect for relaxation

  • Narayan Set:There are 4 types of bean paste fillings to choose from for the cute gourd-shaped monaka sweets. Enjoy Naraya’s original sweets with a cup of matcha green tea latté.