Terms and Conditions

1. Restrictions on use

The information posted on this website is protected by copyrights held by the Seibu Group and third parties. Use of this information other than for personal use or other legally permitted purposes is prohibited without prior written agreement from this website.

2. Links

  1. Links to this website may in principle be made freely as long as the aim is not commercial and certain conditions are met. Links from websites of the kinds listed below will be refused unreservedly.
    • Websites that offend against public order and decency.
    • Websites that target specific individuals or groups with slander or defamation, or that may do so.
    • Websites that charge users a fee when they access this website via the link.
    • Websites being linked to which may lead to a loss of trust in the Seibu Group.
    • Other websites judged to be inappropriate by the Seibu Group.
    Although a link may originally have been accepted, if the Seibu Group judges the acceptance of the link to be inappropriate due to circumstances that come to light subsequently, the acceptance of the link may be withdrawn. When linking to this website, a text link should always be used. The use of the logo of this website as a banner link is prohibited without the prior written agreement of the Seibu Group. The link must be set up so that this website is displayed in a separate window and not within a frame on the linking website. Please be aware when linking to individual pages that such pages may be deleted without prior notice due to changes in this website layout or server configuration.
  2. This website may feature links to this websites of third parties other than the Seibu Group. Users should be aware that the Seibu Group provides such links purely for the sake of convenience and accepts no responsibility for the content of the linked websites. When using the linked websites, users are asked to observe the relevant regulations.

3. Prohibited actions

In addition to the above, the actions listed below are prohibited in connection with the use of this website.

  1. Actions that offend or may offend against public order and decency.
  2. Criminal actions and actions that lead to, or may lead to, criminal actions.
  3. Actions that violate, or may violate, the assets or the privacy or other rights of third parties, this website, or the companies of the Seibu Group.
  4. Actions that cause, or may cause, disadvantage or loss to third parties, this website, or the companies of the Seibu Group.
  5. Actions that damage the reputation of third parties, this website, or the companies of the Seibu Group or that compromise trust in them.
  6. Actions that involve false reports or declarations.
  7. Actions that involve, or may involve, the use or supply of harmful computer programs.
  8. Actions that are for commercial or profit-making purposes or for the purpose of preparing for such activity.
  9. Actions that infringe against compliance.
  10. Other actions judged to be inappropriate by this website.

4. Operation, discontinuation, alteration, etc., of the website

  1. This website shall operate within the fixed times designated by this website operator.
  2. The operation of this website may be temporarily suspended or discontinued without prior notice for the reasons stated below.
    Maintenance and inspection of equipment and systems required for the operation of this website, updating of equipment
    Equipment and systems defects or damage due to disaster or accident
    Other situations in which suspension of this website is judged to be necessary
  3. This website accepts no liability for any loss incurred as a result of its temporary suspension or discontinuation.
  4. This website may be altered subject to notification by advertisement on the Internet or by other designated method. This website accepts no liability for any loss incurred as a result.

5. Recommended browsers

For optimal use of this website, the browsers indicated below are recommended. In the construction of this website, efforts are made to avoid system crashes or loss of information due to the customer's computer environment. However, with some older browsers, the screen display may differ from the design intended by this website. Viewing with a new browser where possible will ensure more reliable access to the services provided by this website.

For users of Microsoft Windows:
Internet Explorer 8.0 or above
Latest version of Google Chrome
Latest version of Firefox

For users of Apple Mac:
Latest version of Google Chrome
Latest version of Firefox

6. Use of Google Analytics and cookies

This website uses Google Analytics to collect and analyze an access log. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect a log not including information that could identify individual users. The accumulated log data are managed in accordance with the privacy policy of Google Ltd. By altering the browser settings to disable cookies (so that they are not saved), users can decline inclusion in the log. However, disabling cookies may mean that users can no longer access some of the functions of this website.

7. Plug-ins

This website content includes video images, animations, PDF files, and other elements. The content can be accessed by installing the plug-in software packages indicated below. Users who do not have the plug-in software can download it from the respective websites indicated below.

8. JavaScript and style sheets

Some of the services of this website may make use of JavaScript and style sheets. When accessing these services, users are requested to turn JavaScript on in their browser settings. When using the recommended browser, JavaScript and style sheets can be enabled by altering the browser settings.

9. Protection of the personal information

Customer personal information supplied to this website may be used to provide services to customers. In such cases, personal information protection is conducted as explained below in accordance with the Basic Policy on Protection of Personal Information. The personal information in question consists of information supplied to this website by the customer that allows identification of individual customers, such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers, gender, date of birth, occupation, and interests. Where personal information is provided by the customer to this website, the purpose of its use will be clearly stated and no use will be made of it for other purposes. To ensure appropriate handling of the personal information provided, a staff member with responsibility for its management is appointed. This website will never disclose or provide customer personal information to third parties without the consent of the customer. However, this provision may not apply in the cases indicated below.

Where the customer has consented to the disclosure of the personal information.

Where disclosure is necessary to comply with the law or with the requirements of a government organ.

Where necessary for the operation of this website, customer personal information may be disclosed to subcontractors or other business operators. In such cases, the disclosed personal information will be limited to the strictly necessary scope and the party to which it is disclosed will be required by contract or other obligation to manage the customer personal information appropriately. As well as complying with the laws and regulations applicable to the personal information held by this website, the Seibu Group also undertakes improvement based on appropriate review of the measures outlined in the above.

Where there are specific provisions on this website regarding the handling of personal information, these take precedence.

Privacy Policy

10. Disclaimers

  1. This website shall operate within the fixed times designated by this website operator.
  2. The information posted on this website is subject to careful checking at all levels, but no guarantee is given regarding the usefulness, accuracy or safety of its content, including no guarantee as to the absence of errors, the normal operation of all functions at all times, the correction of issues occurring, and the freedom of this website and server from computer viruses or other threats. Moreover, this website accepts no liability for loss incurred due to the use of the website or inability to access the website.

11. Governing law and court of jurisdiction

The use of this website and the interpretation and application of special provisions on its use, unless otherwise stipulated, shall be governed by Japanese law. All disputes relating to the use of this website, unless otherwise stipulated, shall be referred in the first instance to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.